Justin Ross is a content creator who specializes in the areas of Photography, Cinematography, Production and Brand Consulting. A native of Baltimore who possesses a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration/Management and a Master of Science Degree in Business & Technology Management from Stevenson University.

His passion for visual arts is quite organic and feeds on itself when in the company of other creators. He is often deemed charismatic, intelligent, enthusiastic & compassionate. He believes in “The Law of Contribution”. The Law of Contribution states that you will always leave someone or something in a better place than they were or it was before you came into it. His mission is to leave a memorable and life changing impression in your life forever.

He is married to TIARRA ROSS (owner of The Lofty Lily + Design Co.) and they have two beautiful daughters. They believe in exemplifying to their children the importance of generational wealth.